African-American girls with multicolor clothes in SoHo, New York
Woman dancing it off at Meridian Hill Park drum circle
Working men having a lunch break in Harlem
Brooklyn bridge worker all smile
Brooklyn bridge getting a paint job
Homeless man at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro
Two girls chatting on a bench in front of the Bosphorus
Sunset at the Gasometro and Guaiba river in Porto Alegre
Old women at the window on Julio de Castilhos plaza in Porto Alegre
View of Moinhos de Vento park from the Sheraton hotel in Porto Alegre
Crowd waiting to get on the bus in Istanbul
Woman waiting for the bus in Istanbul
Old man reading the news at Columbia Heights Plaza
Man playing music at Columbia Heights Plaza
Woman on bike-share stopping at impromptu DJ in Porto Alegre
African-American man listening to music in a cafe
Man with American flag umbrella on Washington National Mall
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